About Us

What We Do

To ensure that young people prioritize agriculture, YOFACO focuses on offering the following services; 1) facilitating access to factors of production (land, capital/financial services, market linkages and human resource/skilled labour force), 2) agricultural/farming training, 3) agricultural extension and advisory services both physical and virtual services through a national mobile farmers call center-on +256773809340 or +256704034414, 4) skills development, 5) access to quality agro-inputs, 6) promotion of commercial farming through mechanisation, 7) customisation entrepreneurship, 8) market research and value chain development and 9) Policy and Advocacy- lobbying government, development agencies and private sector players to create conducive environment for young farmers. .

Our Core Values

1.Pro activeness
2. Honesty
3. Inclusivity
4. Innovation
5. Transparency
6. Responsiveness
7. Teamwork