About Us

Who we are

YOFACO is the legally registered, youth led, member-based umbrella organisation of young farmers in Uganda. It was formed on 25th Sep 2014 (Reg No 191639, link: https://opencorporates.com/companies/ug/191639) with a goal is to attract African youth into agriculture, ensure they earn income to fight poverty and organize future generations for the challenges of feeding a rapidly growing population and unemployment. We believe that agriculture is more than digging; It's a career, It's a business, It's a science and It's an art.. YOFACO aim at promoting agribusiness and advocate for conducive environment within which the AgriPreneurs (entrepreneurs in the agriculture sector) can thrive. It facilitates contract farming, access to land, financial services, market linkages, agro-inputs, skills development, and machinery in exchange for a management fee/commission based on post-harvest sales. Within this system (as an umbrella organisation), YOFACO acts as a catalyst for youth engagement and mutual relationships with the private sector. The benefits and growth potential are substantial. Under block farming system, youth aggregated block farms so as to maximize land use, and together work to build their company. YOFACO works with groups of varying structures; some work on equal portions of land, while others allow members to have additional shares of land depending on their contribution to the group. To date, YOFACO is farming 4,000 acres in 139 blocks, allowing 7,548 rural youth access to an agricultural livelihood. Most importantly, the YOFACO model confronts common youth challenges directly.

What We Do

To ensure that young people prioritize agriculture, YOFACO focuses on offering the following services;
1) Facilitating access to factors of production (land, capital/financial services, market linkages and human resource/skilled labour force).
2) Agricultural/farming training.
3) Agricultural extension and advisory services both physical and virtual services through a national mobile farmers call center-on +256773809340 or +256704034414.
4) Skills development.
5) Access to quality agro-inputs.
6) Promotion of commercial farming through mechanisation.
7) Customisation entrepreneurship.
8) Market research and value chain development.
9) Policy and Advocacy- lobbying government, development agencies and private sector players to create conducive environment for young farmers.

Our Core Values

1. Pro activeness
2. Honesty
3. Inclusivity
4. Innovation
5. Transparency
6. Responsiveness
7. Teamwork